Carmel Organics – Premium quality organic Herbs & Species from the land of Madhya Pradesh

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Carmel Organics PVT LTD, Madhya Pradesh based startup founded in 2012 by Mr. Rajesh Sagitla & Mr. Shailendra Dhakad. The Startup does farming, sourcing, processing & distribution of Organic & Herbal Products in India. They have won season 3 of “Masterpreneur” on India’s CNBC Awaaz channel.

Carmel Organics is having a certified organic processing unit where they do cleaning, grinding and packing of organic herbs and spices. The facility is situated in Barukheda, Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh and is certified by global quality standards of organic & food.

Source – Shailendra Dhakad

Carmel Organics owned and operate a consumer brand ( Santulya ) in Indian FMCG market. Santulya is a certified organic herbal infusion for detox, energy and immunity and made up of five ancient and organically grown Ayurvedic herbs ( Turmeric, Tulsi, Moringa, Ginger and Hibiscus).

Carmel Organics PVT LTD specially known for their herbal products which helps to prevent and manage heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

In 2018, Carmel Organics PVT LTD is backed by Ankur Capital in a Series A round of funding, with an undisclosed amount.

Ankur Capital is an early stage venture capital investing firm, who provides capital, along with advice, support and tools to the early startups to grow differently.

Carmel Organics PVT LTD sells their products on E-commerce platform like Amazon and various local eCommerce sites. The Startup is having more than 15 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in India. They’re having their customer in domestic & International market.

Below are the few products by Carmel Organics

1 – CARMEL ORGANICS Organic Amla Fruit/Amlaki/Indian Gooseberry Powder (250 Grams)

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2 – Carmel Organics USDA Certified Basil Seeds / Tukmariya Sabja Seed || 250 Grams

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3 – Carmel Organics USDA Certified Ginger Root Powder (340 Grams)

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4 – Carmel Organics USDA certified Giloy/Guduchi/Gulvel Stem Powder || 250 Grams

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5 – CARMEL ORGANICS Organic Neem Leaves Powder (250 g)

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6 – CARMEL ORGANICS Triphala Fruit Powder for Gastrointestinal Health (250 g)

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7 – CARMEL ORGANICS Organic Tulsi Leaves Powder (250 Grams)

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8 – CARMEL ORGANICS USDA Certified Cinnamon Bark Powder || 250 Grams

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9 – CARMEL ORGANICS Organic Black Pepper Whole (100 Grams)

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10 – Organic Turmeric Root Powder (500 Grams)

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11 – Carmel Organics USDA Certified Basil Seeds / Tukmariya Sabja Seed || 250 Grams

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12 – CARMEL ORGANICS Organic Flax Seed Whole (250 g, Pack of 2)

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13 – Carmel Organics USDA Certified Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) Root Powder || 250 Grams

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14 – CARMEL ORGANICS Hibiscus Tea (200 g)

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