Amazon Electric Rickshaw in India

Electric Rickshaws that will be used by Amazon India for delivery purpose

Jeff Bezos – Chief Executive Officer of Amazon standing alongside a fleet of electric rickshaws. Amazon India has announced that it is going to use this electric rickshaw for its delivery operation purposes in India.

As many of you are aware of global climate change, so many of the companies are taking an initiative to eliminate carbon from the global, so here Amazon India has launched its Electric Rickshaw for its delivery operation instead of other delivery vehicles. Electric Rickshaw will reduce carbon emissions in the globe.

CEO of is having the vision to have more than 100,000 electric delivery vehicles in its operation around the word by 2030.

He tweeted on 19th Jan 2020 on This tweet also contains a video of Bezos riding one of the electric rickshaws. Click on the below given image to view his tweet on

Amazon India will operate its electric vehicle delivery fleet from this year itself. As per the source, they are going to operate its electric vehicle delivery fleet in various cities of India. Near about 10,000 vehicles have been manufactured & designed by OEM’s / Automotive manufacturers.

We have shared the above-given information according to the best of our knowledge & other source. We hope you will enjoy the given information.

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