Honda Activa 6G Price in India

Honda Activa 6G (Image source – Honda website)

As many of the scooter lovers were waiting for the launch of Honda Activa 6G. Honda has launched its new Honda Activa 6G in the Indian market on 15th January 2020. It has many new features as compared to Honda Activa 5G. Here we are going to share with you a little information about this two-wheeler scooter.

Few features in New Honda Activa 6G.

Double Lid External Fuel Fill – Honda has also launched a two-wheeler Scooter with an external fuel filler. Now you don’t have to open your two-wheeler seat for petrol fueling.

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Double Lid External Fuel Fill
(Image source – Honda website)

Engine Start & stop switch Honda Activa 6G comes with a new technique to start & stop the engine just with a switch, now just press the button anytime, anywhere to start & stop the engine based on your convenience.

Engine Start & stop switch
(Image source – Honda website)

Dual function switch – Now open Honda Activa’s under-seat storage or external fuel lid by pressing a button. If you want to open fuel lid press the button upside & if you want to open the under-seat storage than press the button downside.

Dual Function Switch
(Image source – Honda website)

12 inch Front Wheel – Another good news for Activa Lover, Honda company has launched its new Honda Activa 6G with a 12-inch front wheel whereas Activa 5G comes with the 10-inch front wheel.

ESP Technology – New Honda Activa 6G comes with an esp technology, which helps in the silent start, reduces friction and increases mileage by 10%^.

Telescopic Suspension – The telescopic suspension helps you to ride the vehicle at a high speed with good stability.

Below are the expected Ex- Showroom prices –

* Prices are subject to change based on company policies –

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