Ninjacart – B2B Supply Chain Startup has raised $30 million from Flipkart and Walmart

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Ninjacart, Bangalore-based fresh produced supply chain startup founded in 2015. Ninjacart was founded by Ashutosh Vikram, Kartheeswaran K K, Thiru Nagarajan, Sharath Loganathan, Vasu Devan. The Startup operates online B2B platform that connects farmer, manufacturers to retailers.

Ninjacart is having over 4000 retailers and more than 3000 farmers. They’ve connected manufacturers, farmer and retailers through their online platform, Ninjacart is having its presence in Maharashtra, Tamil nadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telengana.

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Walmart and Flipkart have invested $30 million in Ninjacart. This funding will help the startup to expand their businesses in various cities. Grocery Supply businesses is growing on a different level during pandemic situation and this investment will help the startup to improve and expand its businesses to next level.

The Startup has raised a total of $194.2 million of funding till date. Tanling Venture, Trifecta Capital Advisors, Steadview Capital, Clark Valberg, Minu Kataria, Syngenta Ventures, Flipkart, Walmart and many other investors have backed Ninjacart in various funding rounds. Walmart and Flipkart are the recent Investors, who’ve invested in corporate funding round, they’ve also invested in Ninjacart earlier in 2019.

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