HungerBox – B2B FoodTech Startup has raised $44.6M Funding

Image Source – HungerBox FB Official Page

HungerBox, Bangalore-based B2B Food tech start-up founded by Mr. Sandipan Mitra and Mr. Uttam Kumar in 2016. The startup was started with a vision to revolutionize the corporate cafeterias and food courts. The vision soon transformed into solutions that enhanced user experience and brought in accountability and transparency in the Corporate F&B operations.

HungerBox manages cafeterias at corporate offices and educational institutes and food courts at tech parks, malls & multiplexes. They’ve served over 180 million meals till date, over 500 cafeteria/food courts, having more than 170 clients in 23 cities in India. The startup caters more than 600K orders everyday & they’ve partnered with 2400 food partners in India.

The startup is having its own app on google play store. HungerBox Cafe is the name of the app, where employee can sign up & order the food as per the requirements. The app is having a features like View live menu, order food from desk, personalised recommendations, health tracker, express checkout, multiple payment options and many more.

More than 65 different payment methods are integrated into the service offering including in-app purchases by an employee, payment via smart cards, m-wallets, self-serve kiosks at the cafés, etc. 

HungerBox has raised a total of $44.6M of funding till date. The startup is backed by Sabre Partners, Payrtm, NPTK Emerging Asia Fund, Neopux, One97, Sihari Kumar, Pratithi Investment Trust, LionRock Capital.

Sabre Partners, One97, Srihari Kumar and Pratithi Investment Trust are the recent investors, who’ve invested in Series D funding round.

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