FarEye – Logistics SaaS Platform has raised $50 Million Funding

Image Source – itnl.in

FarEye, a predictive logistic SaaS platform enables business to execute, track, collaborate, predict and optimize the movement of goods. The company was founded by Gaurav Srivastava, Gautam Kumar & Kushal Nahata in 2013. The primary office of FarEye is located in Chicago.

FarEye’s predictive logistics platform helps brands to track, optimize and deliver goods faster. It empowers global businesses to shrink delivery time by 27%, increase delivery productivity by 15%, eliminate risks by 57%, and achieve optimized operations.

FarEye provide its services to global leading companies like DHL, Amway, Walmart, Blue Dart and many other. They also provide its services to various industries like courier, express, retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, food & grocery. More than 150 enterprises around the globe run their logistics operations on FarEye’s software as a service (SaaS) platform.

Based on the company’s website, below are the services provided by FarEye.

Image Source – getfareeye.com

FarEye has raised a total of $50.8 million funding till date. The startup is backed by more than 10 Investor in various round of the funding. Indian Angel Network, Nitin Singhal, SAIF Partners, Duetsche Post, Eight Roads Ventures India, Honeywell Venture Capital, M12, KB Global Platform Fund, Fundamentum Partnership are in the list of investors.

Fundamentum and Korean firm Global Platform Fund are the recent investors, who have invested in Series D round of funding.This Investment will help the firm to bring new innovations and development in their on going service & to scale up their operations globally.

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