Tapree – Cutting Pe Cutting

Tapree – Cutting Pe Cutting

Tapree is a brand new fast food cafe in Marol & It is started by 3 best friends in October’19. This cafe is purely Veg. it is owned by Mr. Prajwal Shetty, Mr. Abhijit Gupta & Mr. Dakshin Gala.

Tapree Cafe offers you a variety of Tea & Coffee. If you’re residing in Marol or visiting for the first time then you should visit Tapree Cafe. Tandoori Chai & Tandoori Maggie is a specialty of Tapree Cafe. They also offer a variety of Sandwiches, Burgers & Maggie.

Every Tea lover will experience some different experiences. They have decorated the cafe with a variety of lights, art paint & also with a few funny “MEME”.

Below are the few Meme’s you will see on their wall –

 Now I’m going to share the image of beautiful wall paint in Tapree Cafe. This art is completed by @limner13

Wall Art

A few of you might be having some questions, this cafe might be serving foods at a higher price?

I’m happy to answer your question with a smile, if you’re a foodie & you’ve to keep an eye on your daily pocket money, so this cafe in Marol offers you fast food at reasonable rates.

Tandoori Maggie is their specialty, so here I’m sharing with you the image of Tandoori Maggie of Tapree Cafe. Isn’t it delicious in this image

Tandoori Maggie

Customers have shared their feedback on a Sticky Note Pad. The owner of Tapree Cafe is having the vision to serve their customer a great experience, so they will keep on visiting their Cafe.

Customer Feedback
Tandoori Cheese Maggie

Tapree Cafe is listed on Google Business, You may see their customer reviews & ratings. The customer has given good reviews.

Ratings & Address of Tapree Cafe

The customer has given so many reviews on Google Business Review, I’m going to share a few of the screenshot of reviews.

After reading all the above information, I hope you’ll surely visit Tapree – Cutting Pe Cutting to have a Cup of Tea or eat some delicious foods.

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