Gramiyum – A wood pressed cooking Oil.

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Gramiyum is especially known for its wood cold pressed Oil manufacturing business. Their manufacturing unit is located in Karikkan Nagar Reddichavady, Cuddalore. Gramiyum is having its corporate office in Chennai. According to Company officials, Cold-Pressed Groundnut oil is manufactured by the old traditional method by using wooden chekku (Marachekku in Tamil).

Groundnut Oil (Cold Pressed)
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Benefits of cold pressed oils :

1) They are rich in nutrition.

2) They’re free from harmful chemicals.

3) Low cholesterol.

4) Boosts immune system.

These oils don’t have any harmful chemical preservatives. Store in a dark container and keep them in a cool place.

Gramiyum offers a variety of products on its official website.

Below are the few products of Gramiyum –

1 – Groundnut Oil (Cold Pressed).

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2 – Kichili Samba rice 1 Kg.

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3 – Pure cow ghee.

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4 – Ragi Noodles – Kelvaragu Noodles

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5 – Natural turmeric powder.

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6 – Sukku coffee Podi | Home Made

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7 – Himalayan Rock Salt (powder) / Indhu Uppu.

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8 – Ajwain Cookies – Multi-Grain

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9 – The Compact Box

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10 – The Spice Box

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You may buy any of the above given products by clicking on the below image –

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